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Hey Sis!

Life got you down? Are you asking yourself, "What the FUCK am I doing?"

Does it really matter if it’s about work, a relationship, your health, or a wardrobe you hate? Probably not, because the constant fluctuation between the weight on your shoulders and the anxiety of doing the wrong thing are felt in almost every aspect of your life. You know you’re meant to do more and suffer from a nagging voice that tears you down on a regular. To add, in correlation to the level of melanin in your skin is the amount of racial oppression you face daily. You know you can make the world a better place for your people. You want to see your loved ones healthy and prosperous. But even when you make big moves in life, you’re smacked around by systems and people that keep you down and force you to conform to ways that feel inauthentic. 

Racism is a system of oppression that creates and reinforces self-hatred. 


Not only do you have to deal with the crap of racism from the world, but racism’s insidious manifestation of self-hatred within. This is when you question your own self-worth, your capabilities, and your actions. Do I choose to speak up and risk losing my job? Do I have what it takes to do this? Am I enough?


Often surrounded in spaces where no one looks like you, you feel disconnected, alone, and misunderstood. You negotiate with yourself on what pieces of your identity you will allow to show up, edit your language and tone, and sit on pins and needles when deciding whether or not to challenge the status quo. 


Sooooooooo, have you considered that this is why you’re down?


There’s nothing wrong with you. In fact, you ARE ENOUGH. With all that you are dealing with, it’s a ridiculous notion to think you can maintain balance when the world is trying to knock you down. 


“What the FUCK am I doing?” is the right question to ask yourself. Instead of crashing and drowning in the swelling waves of racism, you can find your way to your desired destinations by being your authentic, powerful self. For that, you need to dive deep into your story and discover your strongest sense of self.  


I’ve been where you are. I know the cost of swallowing your voice, pushing on and tending to others’ needs before yours, and experiencing racism while trying to fight it. It’s life-draining AND there’s a solution. A solution that is life-giving, powerful enough to break down barriers, and is sourced by YOU. That solution is self-love. 


To combat our oppressed mindset, we must be rooted in self-love. Our liberation will grow

from our ability to be powerful as our authentic selves - which is only possible if we love



Sounds simple, but it requires reflection, healing, and reclaiming. A journey in self-love.


Seeded In Self-Love

  A journey of healing for the warriors fighting racism  

That's why I created...
Seeded In Self-Lov

A Course + Community for folx of color navigating racial discourse regularly and ready to dive into their racial identity, amplify their voice, and transform systems to be anti-racist. 

Seeded in Self-Love will take you from feeling lost and disempowered to being in action powerfully and authentically.  In 6 impactful lessons, you will unpack the impacts of racism on your sense of identity, reclaim your identity, and boldly decide what life should be like when you're being authentically you.

This course will teach you to:

Know your racialized self at a deeper level. 

Be ready to be power-fully seen.

Begin your path toward healing.

Be in love with your identity.

Know what self-love is and why you need it.

Take action toward anti-racist leadership all through self-love.

What you'll be exploring:

Here are all the goods to this course, what each lesson covers and includes. Each lesson comes with a worksheet specific to its lesson. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with experiences throughout the course that will enhance your learning through release practices, affirmation images, and art.
know yourself.jpg

Lesson 1 - I'm not "OTHER"

  • What are you? Discovering your stories of being “othered”

  • Unpacking impacts of white culture

  • Define race, ethnicity, and nationality

  • Excuse Me - I define myself! Define your identity, resist or accept labels and be in love with your identity

  • The parts of me I'm proud of and why

in love.jpg

Lesson 4 - WTH is IRO

  • What is IRO - Internalized Racial Oppression

  • How has your IRO operated in your life - what choices have you made in whiteness

  • Why shame has no place on this journey

  • Real Stories - a conversation between racially diverse women sharing their IRO stories

be ready.jpg

Lesson 2 - My anti-racist journey

  • Life mapping your racialized lived experience

  • Your origin story

  • Getting anchored in your why

  • Setting your Northstar 


Lesson 5 - Love Thyself

  • What is self-love

  • Self-love vs Self-care

  • Why you need self-love as an anti-racist leader and how it sustains the fight

  • In your image - a visual representation of you seeded in self-love


Lesson 3 - Taking inventory

  • Define power, privilege, oppression

  • Take inventory of your roles and relationships through power/privilege/oppression

  • Reflection on the ways you have accepted or disrupted power, privilege, and oppression

  • Decide the change you need in your life based on this reflection

take action.jpg

Lesson 6 - Acting From Self-love

  • Honoring self-first - choosing to center yourself NOW 

  • Reflect & Reclaim the reality you want to live in where you are powerfully seen, belong, and authentically you!

  • Getting into action - intentional steps for staying true to your journey



Don’t miss out on an amazing deal. Join NOW for half-off, if you purchase by June 30th.


Yes, this is crazy, but we care more about hundreds of transformations around the world that result in brave anti-racist leadership, doing the damn thang and liberating themselves and others around them.  

Why Now?

Let’s cover what objections you may be facing when deciding if Seeded In Self-Love is for you right now. 
Not Enough Time.

I get it. Life is busy. Squeezing in one more thing may feel impossible. I do not minimize your commitments and responsibilities. With 3 kids and working, I know too well how challenging it is to fit in new commitments. This course is easy to complete and is done on your time. Each lesson is a 12 minute or less video with the majority of your time being spent completing the worksheets and activities which will really be determined by you and your learning style. On average, they take about 1 hour, but for those that like to spend their time processing, creating, and reflecting, it can be longer. You can complete this course in a matter of a few days or take weeks. You drive the timeline and make it work with your schedule.

Not right now.

What ends up on the back burner - is usually what needs tending to now. Or it eventually burns and makes those nasty clumps on the bottom of the saucepan. In other words, tend to your needs now to get the growth and healing you’ve been yearning for. Stop putting yourself last and feed your soul - which is giving you clear signs it needs attention. If you don’t  - you will get burnt out like that gravy on the back burner. There is power in now and you can choose yourself now.

It's Too Much Money.

I am a recovering penny-pincher. Ironically, I had to pay a lot of money to address my mental trash related to money. One of the major reckonings was addressing how racism had me minimizing my worth and monetary value for my gifts and talents. Not only what I expect to get paid for my work, but what I was willing to pay for investing into myself. Please understand that I know making this purchase comes with serious financial decision-making. The price is based on the value of what you’ll get out of this course; healing, clarity, direction, support, raising racial consciousness and strengthening your racial identity so that you can lead powerfully as an anti-racist leader. If you need that, you’ll not regret making this purchase. If you need permission to invest in your growth - permission is granted! This is the beginning of the process of you breaking down those racist mental models of not being worthy and embracing self-love.

A course can't fix this.

Well that attitude isn’t going to help either! Just kidding, that is a legit concern. I’m not promising to fix all your problems, but I am promising a path and way to self-love to fight racial oppression and lead transformatively. As with most things in life - you get out of it what you put in. This course requires your participation and a high level of engagement to get the highest of results for yourself. Be sure the results are what you ACTUALLY want for yourself. If they are, engage and transformation will come.

I Can Do This Myself.

You absolutely could get to some of these results through your own methods, but this course is designed for you to get these results without needing to further search and try other resources. What is most important is that it’s an experience, not a compilation of “sit and get” lessons. You are guided through a journey of exploration, discovery, and healing of the self through a variety of practices that have been created, not borrowed from anywhere else.

I already love myself!

Okay Boo! Keep that love strong and wrap yourself in it. I celebrate you! This course isn’t just for folx that experience a lack of self-love. It is the teaching of self-love as a way to fight racism and sustain the fight towards real transformation. It’s a journey towards your racial awakening and knowing how these stories directly impact the way you live. So there’s so much in it for you if you want it. Already loving yourself will only strengthen the warrior in you to keep battling racism.

Free Intuitively Her Reflection Journal

When you join now!

We've partnered with Intuitively Her to share self-care products that are focused on empowering YOU to create the life you love. When you Join the Journey and purchase Seeded in Self Love, you'll receive a free journal to support your growth.

We promise


When you complete Seeded In Self-Love:

  • You will learn your stories that will powerfully lead you in anti-racist leadership. 

  • You will develop a stronger connection and deeper understanding of your racial identity. 

  • You will have a clear vision of your anti-racist leadership journey, from the origin to your destination.

  • You will be able to recognize how power, privilege and oppression are operating in your life and decide on changes that liberate you. 

  • You will face your internalized racial oppression and relationship with whiteness and be able to identify when you are making decisions that do not serve your authentic self and purpose. 

  • And if you want to heal from oppression and be liberated (and we hope you do!), you’ll start that journey by learning how self-love is the solution and have clear steps for embracing self-love.  

  • We are committed to you having these results after completing this course. We guarantee that you will meet these goals if you follow the steps and do the work. If you don’t achieve these goals, you can receive a refund after showing proof you have taken the steps and completed the work. See our terms here for the full details. 

Stories Seeded In Self-Love


Tracy's course deftly took me to a potentially painful place, examining the impacts of racism in my life, but it didn't leave me there. Through the use of powerful questions and gentle invitations, I was guided to a point where I could start to reclaim what was lost and envision a path forward with renewed energy and hope. 

Mariko Gilman, Chief Operating Officer of Leadership Training Initiative

How it Works:



Join the Journey here.

Get immediate access to the course with your unique log-in via email. 


Be a part of the community. Join the SISL Facebook Group through an email invitation.


Begin your healing. Complete the 6 lessons, engage and complete the activities, and enjoy the release practices and affirmations.


Guided by Tracy Myers,
Founder of Middle Waters LLC

Tracy is known for her ability to connect, lead, and inspire by being so real -- it just might hurt. With that truth, she calls us all to be powerful leaders using our stories and identity to create real change and fight racism. She is compassionate and cares deeply about your journey to healing. 

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