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Seeded In Self-Love

A journey of healing for the warriors fighting racism

Seeded In Self-Love is a Course + Community for folx of color navigating racial discourse regularly and ready to dive into their racial identity, amplify their voice, and transform systems to be anti-racist. 


Know & Love Thyself

Don't stand for being "othered". Don't question your worth. Shake off the thoughts of being crazy, because yes, they are coming for your shine. You are not alone and you have everything NOW to powerfully lead, the way you do! You just need some devoted time to yourSELF to get centered in your beauty and heal from the racism in and against you.  

Seeded in Self-Love will take you from feeling lost and disempowered to being in action powerfully and authentically. In these 6 impactful lessons, you will unpack the impacts of racism on your sense of identity, reclaim your identity, and boldly decide what life should be like when you're being authentically you. 

Racism is a system of oppression that creates and reinforces self-hatred.

The solution is not taking another Equity 101 course.


The solution is self-love

What's Keeping you from investing your time, money, and energy into filling up in self-love?

Probably, not believing YOUR worthiness is the solution and not knowing where to begin. 

That's where Seeded In Self-Love has got you.

In this course you will

know yourself.jpg

Know your racialized self at a deeper level.

Because this so called "colorblind" world has made it impossible to even talk about race, let alone spend time developing a positive racial identity.

in love.jpg

Be in love with your identity.

No more conforming to white standards of what's good, right, and valuable. Everything beautiful.

be ready.jpg

Be ready to be power-fully seen.

You can't keep hiding all your shine. Even when they throw all that shade. You'll shed some of those layers keeping you invisible.


Know what self-love is and why you need it.

Self-love isn't the same thing as self-care. Although both are important, self-love is our medicine and our power source.


Begin your path toward healing.

This is so important! The world can't lose you. We need you to take care of yourself so you can continue fighting. This journey is all about healing.

take action.jpg

Take action towards anti-racist leadership all through self-love.

You're here because you want to do something, right? We fo' sure will get you doing the work (there may even be an action plan for all you planners out there)!

The course is

At your own pace and can be done anytime and anyplace.

You can chill in your jammies in bed or be sippin' your favorite latte at the park.

Independent deep self work

You have a workbook that guides you thoughtfully through an intense, but life-giving journey.

Focused on your experience

This is not a 'sit and get' experience. You will apply each lesson to your life and engage with your community.


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Guided by Tracy Myers,
Founder of Middle Waters LLC

Tracy is known for her ability to connect, lead, and inspire by being so real -- it just might hurt. With that truth, she calls us all to be powerful leaders using our stories and identity to create real change and fight racism. She is compassionate and cares deeply about your journey to healing. 

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