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Seeded In Self-Love

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Seeded In Self-Love is a Course + Community for folx of color navigating racial discourse regularly and ready to dive into their racial identity, amplify their voice, and transform systems to be anti-racist. Don't stand for being "othered". Don't question your worth. Shake off the thoughts of being crazy, because yes, they are coming for your shine. You are not alone and you have everything NOW to powerfully lead, the way you do! You just need some devoted time to yourSELF to get centered in your beauty and heal from the racism in and against you. Seeded in Self-Love will take you from feeling lost and disempowered to being in action powerfully and authentically. In these 6 impactful lessons, you will unpack the impacts of racism on your sense of identity, reclaim your identity, and boldly decide what life should be like when you're being authentically you.

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